Sextoys en verre

Material: Glass

Glass is a commonly used material to make sex toys.

Glass sex toys and precautions for use

When you owns a glass sex toy, of course you have to avoid bumping it, and check that it hasn’t been damaged if you inadvertently drop it to the floor.

Howerver, as long as you take those obvious precautions, a glass sex toy doesn’t risk breaking on ints own while inserted in your body.

Cleaning a glass sex toy is very easy. Washing it with water and soap or putting it in the dishwasher is enough, but you can also be boil it if you want to sanitize it perfectly.

The perks of a glass sex toy

Glass has an especially smooth surface. Thus, even with a tiny amount of lube, everything is wonderfully slippery. This material is compatible with any kinds of lubes, water-based, silicone-based or oil-based.

Glass is also great for temperature play, by letting it under cold or warm tap water before use.

Glass sex toys

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