sextoys en silicone

Material: Silicone

Silicone is a body-safe material, non-porous and odorless. Silicone sex toys are therefore very common.


Silicone can come in various textures, from firm and rigid to supple and soft .


Silicone sex toys are easy to clean, with soap and water. When the sex toy does not have electronic parts, it can sometimes also be boiled to disinfect it.

How to recognize silicone?

However, you should be wary of sex toys that claim to be “silicone”, but are not made of pure silicone.

To identify them (or at least, to detect suspects), one can use the “flame test”.

However, this examination, which consists in burning the surface of the sex toy to observe the chemical reaction resulting from this combustion, damages the object.

A dildo made of pure silicone will not become sticky, and will not create a stubborn flame that is difficult to extinguish.

Silicone sex toys