Laid D2 : un gode en pierre

Material: Stone

Stone sex toys are quite unusual, but they exist nonetheless.

Stone sex toys: lithotherapy is not a science

Some stone sextoys are sold with so-called virtues of lithotherapy, the art of “healing with stones”. Be careful, lithotherapy is not a science, but a simple superstition.

If you believe in it, and if this belief makes you feel good? Why not… But in the event of a health problem on that side, do not hope that a sextoy could cure you, and consult your gynecologist immediately.

In addition, not all minerals are suitable for making sex toys, and some can even be toxic if put in contact with mucous membranes. Also, you should avoid at all costs stone sex toys sold on Aliexpress, Wish, Amazon, or any other sites where you can’t be sure about the origin of your purchase.

Stone sex toys: pretty and luxurious

However, some brands sell stone sex toys that only claim to be beautiful, unusual and luxurious objects you can masturbate with.

Stone sex toys are often very pretty, with an unusual appearance. Some of them can be fragile, but as long as you avoid shocks, they are durable items that you will keep for a long time.

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