Gode Johnny de Visex Creations- sextoys de Noël

Material: VixSkin

VixSkin, a material patented by the brand Vixen Creations, is a mix exclusively made up of silicones. It allows the confection of realistic dual density sex toys.

VixSkin sex toys composition

VixSkin is a mix of solid and liquid silicones.

Consequently, it is body-safe, non-porous and odorless, and won’t deteriorate with time.

VixSkin sex toys care

VixSkin is non-porous, thus bacterias will remain on its surface, and getting rid of them is quite easy.

To clean a VixSkin sex toy, you can simply wash it with water and soap. However, if you need to disinfect it further, you can also boil it.

VixSkin texture

Vixen Creations sex toys have a very peculiar and realistic texture. The dual density of the material allows combining a firm core, for greater stability, and a soft surface.

VixSkin sex toys tend to remain close to ambient temperature.

VixSkin sex toys

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