Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy : A sex toy that you ride

Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy : a sex toy to ride


The Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy is not the kind of sex toy you can carelessly forget and leave on your bed side.  Indeed, the Loopy Bounce is an inflatable sex toy cushion that you ride.

Test sextoy : Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy

It is a somewhat bulky toy, which requires some preparation time. But it’s also an unusual and fun way to have some fun and take pleasure, by riding a bouncy cushion fitted with a dildo. You could almost think of it as some kind of minimalist motorless fucking machine.

Here is our review of the Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy, an inflatable, penis-equipped cushion.

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Unboxing and Packaging

The Loopy Bounce is made up of three distinct elements:

  • The inflatable part, which is actually the part called “Loopy Bounce”.

le coussin gonflable du Loopy Bounce

  • A dildo with a suction cup, named Wavee.

le gode à ventouse du Loopy Bounce

  • An electric pump, to inflate the cushion.

la pompe du Loopy Bounce

While the pump packaging is rather basic, a simple cardboard box with the brand’s black and pink colors, those of the dildo and the cushion are more classy. They are also cardboard boxes, but thicker, and closing with magnets.

Packaging du Loopy Bounce

All three accessories can be purchased separately. If you already have a pump, you don’t have to buy it. Likewise, if you want to replace the Wavee with another long suction cup dildo of your choice, you don’t have to purchase this one.

There is, however, a kit containing all three accessories. The kit costs 89 euros. If you buy them separately, the cushion costs 35 euros, the dildo costs 59 euros, and the electric pump, 19 euros.

Getting the Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy ready

Before starting to bounce and ride anything, you must first inflate the cushion.

L'embout de la pompe Lust & Joy

The cushion is supplied bundled with a manual pump, quite basic, but it will do the job.

However, for lazy people, the electric pump that Lust & Joy sells costs just over ten euros. It is very handy for inflating the thing without any effort.

Gonflage du Loopy Bounce avec la pompe électrique

Look of the Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy

I would be lying if I told you that the Loopy Bounce is a beautiful sex toy. The cushion is composed of two joined parts: a black U, which constitutes its bouncing base, and some sort of pierced pink saddle, on which you sit.

It looks somewhat like a supermarket logo to me.

Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy : un sextoy à chevaucher

The dildo measures a good thirty centimeters long! But don’t worry, it’s absolutely not intended to be fully inserted. Indeed, you will place its suction cup base through the cushion’s hole, and only the head will protrude from the saddle.

Le gode Wavee Lust & Joy et la RealCock 2 DTF
The Wavee dildo and the RealCock 2 DTF

Materials and feel

The Wavee dildo is made of flexible silicone, a body safe material. As for the cushion, it’s something like an inflatable PVC mattress … But you don’t care that much about its material, as the cushion is simply used to sit down, not to rub your genitals on it.

Using the Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy

Once the toy is inflated, it’s very easy to get it ready to use.

First step, slide the Wavee dildo into the hole in the “saddle” of the cushion.

Utilisation du Loopy Bounce

Then, stick the suction cup base of the dildo on the bottom of the gray part of the cushion. It’s not the most effective suction cup I’ve ever seen (that honor goes to the Lovehoney Rainbow Plug), but it does hold up quite well.

Loopy Bounce

There you go, a sex toy ready to be ridden on. I’m ready to bounce !

How does it work ? Well, there’s no mechanism, no motor, it’s just an air cushion that bounces pretty well. Just sit on it and do small squats, and voila!

Utilisation du Loopy Bounce de Lust&Joy

The cushion’s official specifications recommend a maximum load of 100 kg, but add that it was tested with up to 300 kg. So, you should not have any problem with that.

It’s not like a fucking machine, because using the Loopy Bounce still requires some physical effort. And you don’t have that typical very mechanical movement of fucking machines which makes you feel like you’re having intercourse with a robot. But it also has advantages. You decide and go at your own pace. Plus, it bounces, that’s fun.

Le Loopy Bounce et la RealCock 2 DTF
Loopy Bounce and RealCock 2 DTF

That being said, if you want to have fun with the Loopy Bounce, you cannot take yourself too seriously. First, the cushion makes funny noises while you’re riding it, you know, the kind of annoying sounds you hear when you rub against a plastic buoy ? And also, you don’t look very very smart doing squats like this.

Balloons fetishists will perhaps see it as an erotic asset. But otherwise, you should more likely expect a laugh, rather than a groan of ecstasy.

Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy

Final thoughts on the Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy

The kit costs 89 euros. It certainly is a little more expensive than just a dildo alone. But even if you won’t necessarily use the cushion very often, the dildo itself can also be used in more “usual” scenarios.

When it comes to sex toys, bulky is often associated with overpriced. The Loopy Bounce remains much cheaper than a Womanizer, a Lelo or a We Vibe, for something that is much more special and unique.

Le gode qui dépasse du coussin gonflable

It’s not the absolute best and most effective sex toy, and you do look a bit silly on it. But it is an erotic toy made first and formost to have fun, to have a good time. For those who enjoy trying new things, this is an opportunity for a new experience, alone, in a couple, or more.

As a notable bonus, the long suction cup dildo is also full of potential if you want to use it independently, and its quality is quite decent.

Le Wavee, le gode du Loopy Bounce

Review score

Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy : A sex toy that you ride
7 .6 / 10

Look et originality


Material and feel




Ease of use and ergonomics


Price-quality ratio



  • Not as expensive as you would think considering the size
  • The dildo is also nice to use separately from the cushion
  • Not as expensive as you would think considering the size


  • The friction noises it make
  • You look (a bit) silly when using it


Thanks to Rue des Plaisirs  for providing us with the Loopy Bounce for this review

Compulsive sextoy collector, picky reviewer and rookie exhibitionist.

1 thought on “Loopy Bounce Lust & Joy : a sex toy to ride”

  1. I own a Loopy Bounce, I really enjoy it and I believe that no one actually looks smart at all while having sex or enjoying oneself, so I really don’t get that point in the review.

    Further, I have to criticize the review (again not the toy) insofar, that all these pictures show the thing not enough inflated, which makes me think that the reviewers haven’t really used it, they just wanted to shoot some pictures (rather lame ones, IMNSHO).

    Now my two or three points of critique about the toy itself:

    – Yes, is makes some noise when riding it. But this noise can be eliminated completely by wrapping a towel around each “column”, that is the place where the red PVC meets the grey PVC, in order red and grey do not anymore rub against each other when compressing the toy while bouncing – problem solved.

    – The seams are not really disturbing, but sometimes I can feel them while riding, which is not so great but not a huge minus either. Seams could be welded less notably though.

    – When not using, that darn thing won’t easily keep standing upright but rather tends to fall over on its side. A small flat surface on its bottom would have solved the problem, but of course this can not be done after leaving the factory. So I made kind of a stand for it: a 20mm thick plywood sheet with an oval hole cut into it, looking a bit like a small toilet seat, LOL. But it does its job and you can hardly notice it when the Loopy Bounce rests on it.

    My bottom line: this toy really rocks me, and I am saying this as a hetero man who also learned to enjoy anal sensations. I find it great for solo and couple play. I only have the manual pump, which is not that bad at all, it doesn’t take forever to inflate the toy – only a few minutes. Plus I like that I can stuff it away a lot easier than it would be possible with some other sex furniture! ;-)

    I hope my genuine Swiss hints may help someone, maybe even the manufacturer, or (Swiss!) designer should I say.

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