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Sex practices, fetishism, BDSM, dating and sex games…

All our posts about sexuality published on Objets De Plaisir.


Sex toys advice

How to choose a sex toy, sex toys materials, storage, etc…

All sex toys advice.

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Weird sex toys

Unusual, freaky or what-the-fuck sex toys, innovations, high-tech sex toys, imaginary sex toys…

All futuristic or strange sex toys.

Sextoys insolites


Unusual porn: weird things and innovative porn.

All posts about porn on Objets De Plaisir.


Erotic art and stories

Pictures, sculptures, shows, and erotic books and texts.

All articles about erotic art and erotic literature.

Art et textes érotiques


Opinions about shops, unusual discoveries and interviews of sex toys makers.

All posts about shops and sex toys manufacturers.



Compilation of miscellaneous fun facts, news about sex toys and eroticism, unusual Google keywords, strange ads, and much more…

All posts about various topics.


Sexy pics

Our sexy pics, showing nudity, masturbation, or sex.

All our sexy pics.

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