Sex toys materials

Sex toys materials


Knowing the composition of a sex toy is essential when choosing an erotic accessory. Thus, we have decided to provide you with a small lexicon of the most commonly used sex toys materials.

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Sex toys materials

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Materiau: ABS

ABS, from its scientific name acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a material sometimes used to make sex toys.

Materiau: Aluminum

Aluminum is lighter than steel, but also less expensive, hence the manufacture of aluminum sex toys.

Materiau: Ceramic

Ceramic sex toys are particularly smooth, and they are great for temperature play.

Materiau: Elastomer

There are many elastomer sex toys. Actually, "elastomer" is a rather vague term, which designates polymeric materials exhibiting elastic properties.

Materiau: Fabric

Many harnesses are made of fabric, which allows them to be comfortable and machine washable.

Materiau: Glass

Especially smooth and easy to clean, glass is a commonly used material to make sex toys.

Materiau: Jelly

Jelly is a transluscent material, used in the making of low-cost sex toys. Jelly sex toys may seem attractive at first glance, but they should be avoided.

Materiau: Larvikite

Larvikite is a dark volcanic rock, originating from Norway. It is used in the construction of monuments, but also, sometimes, sex toys.

Materiau: Leather

Leather can be used to make BDSM accessories, or as a coating for some sex toys.

Materiau: MagicSkin

MagicSkin is a patented material, of unknown composition, used in the making of some Dorcel masturbators.

Materiau: Metal

Metal sex toys are unbreakable and last forever. There are stainless steel sex toys, that are body-safe, and aluminum sex toys.

Materiau: Neoprene

Neoprene is a plastic material, used to make wetsuits, gloves, lifeboats, but also, sometimes, bondage accessories.

Materiau: Plastic

Rigid plastic sex toys can be body-safe, whereas soft plastic sex toys contain additives (mineral oils, phthalates, etc) and are porous, and usually toxic.

Materiau: Plush

As strange as it may seem, plush sex toys do exist! Creepy or cute? You be the judge. But in any case, it is hardly hygienic.

Materiau: PVC

PVC is a rigid material, used in the making of some wand vibrators. Rigid PVC is body-safe, but soft PVC contains toxic additives.

Materiau: Resin

When found in the composition of a sex toy, resin is not the sticky substance that trees secrete, but a rigid polymeric material.

Materiau: Sil-Slide

Sil-Slide is a patented technique, that consists in combining liquid silicone and solid silicone. It allows the texture of RealDoll dildos to be so realistic.

Materiau: Silexpan

Silexpan sex toys are made with several materials: their surface is silicone, and inside, their core is made of a soft material with an unknown composition.

Materiau: Silicone

Silicone is a body-safe material, non-porous and odorless. Silicone sex toys are therefore very common.

Materiau: Steel

Stainless steel sex toys are body-safe and unbreakable, they will last almost forever. They are easy to clean and great for temperature play.

Materiau: Stone

Stone sex toys are quite unusual. Lithotherapy is not a science: stone sex toys simply are beautiful, unusual and luxurious objects you can masturbate with.

Materiau: TruSkyn

TruSkyn is a dual density pure silicone patented by the brand Doc Johnson.

Materiau: Unknown composition

Sex toys makers are not obligated to mention the exact composition of they prducts. Therefore sometimes, the composition of a sex toy remains unknown.

Materiau: VixSkin

VixSkin, a material patented by the brand Vixen Creations, is a mix exclusively made up of silicones, that composes realistic dual density sex toys.

Materiau: Wood

Wood is originally a porous material, but once polished and varnished, it becomes soft and waterproof, and can therefore be used to make sex toys.


We will complete this lexicon of sex toys materials over time. Come back and have a look later!

And if you are wondering about a material that we have not yet mentioned here, feel free to us the comments section to ask us questions.


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