Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2023 review: for a kinky Xmas


December is approaching, and with it, Christmas, chocolates, and of course, Advent calendars. But rather than finding a boring piece of chocolate every day, Lovehoney invites us to discover, under each window of its Advent calendar, a new sex toy, including the famous Womanizer Classic. There’s plenty to spend a hot winter together under a warm duvet. When they offered us to receive one of them, we accepted gladly! Here is our review of the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2023.

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Presentation of the Sex Toy Advent Calendar

When we received the parcel, I was surprised by its size. The calendar is damn big! On the program, 24 windows to open, one per day in December before Christmas. These boxes are not ordered chronologically, probably to better arrange the sex toys according to their size and shape, but this also gives an original look to the whole thing.

calendrier de l'Avent sextoys espaceplaisir x Womanizer 2023

It’s pretty, but certainly not discreet. Though very sober, given the size of the wendows, anyone will suspect that these are not chocolates (or else, they will think you’re huge gourmets!). And the Lovehoney logo will not escape discerning glances. If you don’t care about this (and if and there are no children nearby, of course), no problem, it will pleasantly decorate your living room or bedroom. But otherwise, you’re going to have to hide it.

le calendrier de l'Avent sextoys

Content of the Sex Toy Advent Calendar

In order to be able to present this calendar to you properly, we cheated and unboxed all the sex toys in one go. There’s quite a range there! But let me go into details.

Massage products and adult games

As expected, like most surprise kits for adults, the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2023 contains massage accessories and naughty games. Pretty classic stuff, but in purple and black tones forming a pretty tasteful assortment.

As for massages, a glittery purple star that can be used to massage the head or back, an oil, a scented candle, and a warming balm intended for erogenous zones.

On the adult games side:

  • A blindfold, which can also be used during BDSM practices or for sleeping on the plane.
  • A set of naughty dice: one allows you to draw a sexual position, the other one, a duration.
  • A naughty card game, with illustrated Kâmasûtra positions.

Lovehoney had the good taste of ​​not including any “Christmas” or “gift” themed underwear, that can often  be found in kinky Advent calendars, but which, I must admit, give a slight impression of “uh, is this thing here just to fill in today’s window?..” while discovering a piece of one-size-only cheap-looking fabric.

BDSM accessories

As for BDSM accessories, the Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent calendar is pretty well stocked. All of them are soft, of course: it’s a surprise calendar, so anything too targeted on a specific kink would have been unwelcome, as it seeks to suit most tastes. The quality is reasonably good, it’s not ultra-luxurious either, but getting so many pretty nice accessories for a total price that’s still decent is not bad at all.

Calendrier de l'Avent sextoys Lovehoney 2023

In the calendar:

  • A black flogger, very small but super cute. It will add a kinky side in  your bedroom, without risking any injury.
  • Four sturdy fabric handcuffs, two for the wrists and two for the ankles. They are adjustable using a Velcro strap. It will be easy to free yourself from it them you try, but for soft bondage, they are quite suitable.
  • A kit of straps, also in fabric. They will allow you to tie your partner to a bed or a door.
  • Two small nipple clamps.

To sum it up: soft accessories, but nothing too kitsch.

The setoys in the naughty Advent calendar

When it comes to sex toys, this calendar contains a whole range. And Lovehoney didn’t make fun of us. Under the windows of his naughty Advent calendar, you will discover:

  • A “bullet” type vibrator: the battery-powered ones tend to be lame, but this one is rechargeable, and of quite good quality.

  • Several silicone sex toys onto which the bullet vibrator that I have just mentioned fits: a small hollow dildo, which can also be used without the vibrator, a cock ring, an accessory that is placed on the finger after having slipped the “bullet” vibrator into it, a butt plug, anal beads, and a small translucent elastomer masturbator.

  • A tiny black wand wibrator, also rechargeable. It has three intensity levels, followed by a few vibrating patterns modes, and is quite powerful for its size.
  • A simple non-vibrating cock ring, in black silicone.
  • A metal butt plug decorated with a rhinestone.

  • And at last, for December 24, the highlight of the show: the Womanizer Classic, a powerful clitoral suction vibrator that I had the opportunity to review a while ago. It is a great toy, which costs more than 100 euros when  bought separately. I have owned one for a while and I got a lot of great orgasms from it.

Small detail to take in to account: when taken out of their box, the rechargeable sex toys provided in this calendar are not charged. You will therefore need to take time to recharge them before you can start playing with them.

Conclusion about the Sex Toy Advent Calendar

Among the naughty Advent calendars that we have reviewed (and we did review a lot of them!), the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2023 is the one with the best content that I have seen so far.

Indeed, it offers very few useless “gadgets”, the sex toys are numerous and body-safe,the vibrating ones are rechargeable, and the BDSM accessories are soft but nice. All for 162 euros, which is a very reasonable cost given the diversity and quality of its content.

Thanks to Lovehoney  for providing us with the Advent Calendar 2023 for this review

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