Pearly Idée du Désir: an asymmetrical wooden dildo

Pearly Idée du Désir: an asymmetrical wooden dildo


The Pearly Idée du Désir is a small handcrafted wooden dildo with an asymmetrical design, in order to allow a better grip. And it can be used for vaginal or anal penetration, according to your desires. Intrigued, I therefore gladly accepted when my favorite cabinetmaker offered me to review this sex toy.

Pearly Idée du Désir : un gode en bois asymétrique

This object of pleasure is named “Pearly” because it combines the natural aspect of wood with pearly reflections, which give it a magical allure.

Here is my review of the Pearly Idée du Désir.

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Sex toy packaging

The Pearly arrives in a beautiful cardboard box, accompanied by instructions for use and maintenance, and a sample of lubricant. This rather classy packaging is eco-friendly.

Packaging du gode Pearly idée du Désir

Look of the Pearly Idée du Désir

The Pearly is rather thin and curved. It has a handle, slightly inclined to the side, in which one or two fingers can be inserted. Its shape is somewhat reminiscent of that of Idée du Désir’s first creation, the Orchidée, but thinner.

Its iridescent hue is magnificent. I asked the creator of the Pearly how he achieved this beautiful effect. He explained to me that he added body-safe paint pigments to the varnish.

Pearly Idée du Désir

The Pearly is roughly the same length as the Orchid, but its bulb is thinner, 3.5 centimeters in its widest area.

Texture and material

The Pearly is made of wood, perfectly polished. More precisely, it is made of white cherry tree wood.

Protected by a hypoallergenic finish, without solvent or chemical disruptor, it is therefore waterproof. No worries to use it in the shower or in the bath.

However, you should avoid soaking it in water for too long, and be careful to let it dry in the open air after washing it with soap and water. Shocks should also be avoided. But as long as you take good care of it, a wooden sex toy does not require any specific maintenance.

Pearly Idée du Désir

Of course, it’s hard: it’s wood. But the surface of the Pearly Idée du Désir is particularly soft, warm and very smooth. The contact is really pleasant, and it slides effortlessly.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can use water-based lubricant, such as Sliquid Organics.

Use of the Pearly Idée du Désir

The handle of the Pearly is angled, making it easy for right-handed people to grip.

Left-handed people can contact Idée du Désir to order a model with the handle facing the other way. If they prefer to hold your toy in your left hand, of course.

This is one of the many advantages of getting a handmade sextoy: if you want a personalized toy, you can ask the manufacturer directly if they can create the object of your desire.

Gode Pearly Idée du Désir

The Pearly Idée du Désir is a multi-purpose dildo. And no, I’m not talking to you about the kind of absurd combinations of self-proclaimed “multi-purpose” industrial sex toys, like the G-Vibe, the Satisfyer Endless or the Duo Vibe Rianne S.

In short, it does not claim to stimulate the tip of the nose or the scapula, but in terms of erogenous zones, it does its job really well.

Vaginal penetration

The head of the Pearly, with a diameter thinner than that of the Orchidée, can be easily inserted. But if you want, you can use lubricant to improve sliding.

Pearly Idée du Désir : un gode en bois asymétrique

During vaginal penetration, its shape allows it to exert firm pressure on the G-spot, through rapid back and forth movements, or slower movements.

The Pearly may be smaller than Idée du Désir’s first creation, the Orchidée, but the feeling is no less awsome. Combined with clitoral stimulation, the orgasms are excellent.

Anal penetration

But the Pearly is also suitable for anal penetration, regardless of your gender and sex. Indeed, its handle constitutes a completely safe stopper, which avoids any risk of the dildo getting stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.

Le Pearly et l'Eros d'Idée du Désir
Idée du Désir’s Pearly and Eros

For anal sex, lubricant is essential, because, let’s remind it, the anus does not self-lubricate. For anal sex, lubricant is essential, because, let’s remind it, the anus does not self-lubricate. But once the dildo inserted, its thinnest part remains in the entrance to the anus, and thus it causes no discomfort.

On a female anatomy (as it is my case), it stimulates the G-spot efficiently, by exercing pressure on it through the thin wall that separates the vagina from the anus.

But it is a genderless sex toy: if you have male genitals, and therefore a prostate, it will also do wonders on it.

Conclusion on the Pearly Idée du Désir


  • The Pearly is a handmade wooden sextoy, and it is made in France. A beautiful and unique object, sculpted with love.
  • It costs less than 60 euros.
  • It is super effective for G-spot stimulation, vaginally or anally, or for P-spot stimulation. In addition, its diameter is not too large, which makes it very comfortable, and suitable for beginners.
  • Its asymmetrical handle allows an excellent grip.


  • I cannot not find anything to reproach it with, except that it is a “simple” sex toy. If you’re after high-tech features, or vibes, this probably isn’t the sex toy you’re looking for.

Le Pearly Idée du Désir

Review score

 Pearly Idée du Désir: an asymmetrical wooden dildo
9 .6 / 10



Texture and materials






Best value for money principle



  • Beautiful handcrafted sex toy, made in France
  • Great for G-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • Very low price for a high quality
  • Ergonomic asymetrical handle


  • "Simple" sex toy, no high tech features

The Pearly Idée du Désir is a very nice little wooden sex toy, versatile, and extremely effective for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. In addition, it is a true piece of art, sculpted by a French cabinetmaker.

And it costs less than 60 euros! For the price of a Lelo Soraya Wave or a Womanizer Duo, you can get three Pearly! Or get a beautiful collection of Idée du Désir’s handcrafted sextoys, for example.

I strongly advise you to visit his shop. You will find many wonders there, such as the Désir Papillon, the Orchidée, the Orchidée Twins, the Adam or the Nunky.

Thanks to Idée du Désir  for providing us with the Pearly for this review

Compulsive sextoy collector, picky reviewer and rookie exhibitionist.

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