Fun Factory Limba Flex

Fun Factory Limba Flex: a shape memory dildo


Not content with being flexible, the Fun Factory Limba Flex is, somehow, a shape memory dildo. Indeed, this flat-based sex toy has the particularity of keeping the shape you want to give it.

Fun Factory Limba Flex : un gode à mémoire de forme

But the principle is very different from that of Silexpan sex toys, made of a layer of silicone covering a soft material, which can be kneaded and shaped like an anti-stress ball. The Limba Flex is almost entirely made of soft silicone, and its heart retains its shape.

So, I really wanted to try the Limba Flex, in order to compare.

Here is my review of the Fun Factory Limba Flex.

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Packaging of the sex toy

The packaging is a cardboard box, not ugly, but disposable. It is very similar to that of Fun Factory’s other sex toys. I will therefore not dwell on it.

Emballage du Fun Factory Limba Flex

No storage accessory is provided. It’s a bit of a shame, but it is the case for all the brand’s sex toys, even the most expensive ones.

Look of the Fun Factory Limba Flex

In terms of looks, the Limba Flex is extremely basic. Petrol blue, it stands out from the cliché of the realistic phallic or candy pink dildo, but I wouldn’t call it “fun” nor “original” either.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

It is available in two sizes, S and M. We have chosen size M, the dimensions of which remain very modest, with 16 insertable centimeters, but a diameter of only 3 centimeters in its widest area.

Texture and materials

The Fun Factory Limba Flex is made of pure silicone. In general, silicone is body-safe, non-porous and odorless. The silicone used here is very soft, like peach skin.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

The Limba Flew has a slight tendency to attract dust.

Another detail, although not very important, but not very glamorous: body fluids and lubricant tend to dry on its surface dry very quickly, and when it happens, the dildo displays white stains that contrast with its dark hue.

Using the Fun Factory Limba Flex

To use the Limba Flex optimally, you need to bend it to the desired angle before inserting it. A steep angle will be great for G-spot stimulation, but it’s up to you to determine, one try at a time, which angle is best for you.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

With its small diameter, this dildo allows smooth penetration. However, the “peach skin” texture of its surface means that it still requires a good dose of water-based lubricant for a more comfortable insertion.

Its flat base, with a slight suction effect, allows it to stand up in a stable manner. It also acts as a stopper, which allows the Limba Flex to be used also for anal penetration if desired.

Conclusion on the Fun Factory Limba Flex


  • Being able to give the sex toy the angle of your choice is great.
  • The Limba Flex stands upright, and is very stable on its base.
  • Its small diameter makes it a nice first dildo, including for beginners at anal sex.
  • Its look is sober and gender-neutral.


  • Its small diameter can disappoint amateurs of huge dildos.
  • Its look is may be a little boring.

Fun Factory Limba Flex and RealCock 2 Rockwell.
Le Fun Factory Limba Flex et la RealCock 2 Rockwell.

Review score

Fun Factory Limba Flex
7 .6 / 10



Texture and materials






Best value for money principle



  • This dildo can be shaped, and keeps its shape
  • It stands upright
  • Sober and gender-neutral look
  • Small diameter


  • Looks a little boring
  • Small diameter

I would recommend the Fun Factory Limba Flex for people who want to acquire a versatile and not too impressive first dildo, and/or to start exploring anal penetration. This flexible shapable dildo fits all body types and all uses.

Thanks to Lovehoney  for providing us with the Fun Factory Limba Flex for this review

Fun Factory Limba Flex



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