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RealDoll RealCock 2 Dirk: review of an hyperrealistic dildo

RealDoll’s RealCock 2 is an incredibly realistic dildo. And for good reason: you probably know the brand RealDoll, famous for its sex dolls. Imitating the living is their specialty, and ...

Sex toys Reviews

Narumi's Thicc Ass: an XXL masturbator with generous curves

Narumi’s Thicc Ass masturbator lives up to its name. Indeed, it is an XXL realistic masturbator, representing the buttocks and hips of a young woman with generous curves. Realistic ...

We Vibe Touch X: a soft and powerful mini vibrator

The We Vibe Touch X is the successor to the Touch, one of the very first sex toys that we reviewed on this site. At first glance, this tiny clitoral ...

Pearly Idée du Désir: an asymmetrical wooden dildo

The Pearly Idée du Désir is a small handcrafted  with an asymmetrical design, in order to allow a better ...

Fun Factory Limba Flex: a shape memory dildo

Not content with being flexible, the Fun Factory Limba Flex is, somehow, a shape memory dildo. Indeed, this flat-based sex toy ...

Objets de Plaisir : why this website ?

Objets de Plaisir is a website about sextoys, and more widely about sexuality, with sex advice, news about the adult industry, interviews, and documentaries about sex pratices and fetishes.

WTF and Bizarre

Saint Patrick's day sex toys: Irish eroticism

This post is about Saint Patrick’s day sex toys. And no, I won’t insult you by asking you to be content with a simple list of green sex ...

Sex Toy Advice

Sex toys materials

Knowing the composition of a sex toy is essential when choosing an erotic accessory. Thus, we have decided to provide you with a small lexicon of the most commonly used ...

Objets de Plaisir : our sex toys reviews

The blog Objets De Plaisir exists since 2012. We had the opportunity to review over 250 sex toys, bondage devices, and other adult novelties.


STD, STI: risks and prevention (in swingers and other environments)

Last Friday was World AIDS Day. The subject is neither funny nor sexy. This is an opportunity to give you a little recap on STDs and STIs … And above all, ...

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Comparison of ultra powerful vibrators

A small guide to choose amonge the dozens of Hitachi-like wand vibrators


Beate Uhse Erotik-Museum, in Berlin: virtual tour

Let’s continue our virtual tour of the world’s sex museums. After the Museum of Eroticism in Paris, let’s visit one of its German analogues: the Beate Uhse ...

Pourquoi tester des sextoys ?

When we bought our first adult toys, we immediately fell in love with the ability to enrich our sex life with an infinity of new possibilities. We had the opportunity to discover amazingly efficient sex toys, giving delicious, intense sensations. But we also had a few bad surprises. In order to help you avoiding to buy a disappointing sex toy, we decided te create a sex toys reviews website. This is how Objets de Plaisir was born.

Our favourite sex toys

Sona Cruise: Review of the first Sonic Pressure wave stimulator by Lelo

The sex toys company Lelo has just released a new clitoral stimulator : the Sona Cruise , the first Sonic Pressure Wave stimulator After being one of my favorite brands for a ...

Our sexy pic of the day

Advent Calendar 2020 – December 25th

We’re on December 25th, and our sexy Advent calendar 2020 is coming to an end. For this last picture, a few small tinsels and two Christmas baubles.


Lingerie review: Lovehoney Flirty set

I spotted the Flirty set in the Lovehoney store’s catalog. This lace thong and bralette try a somewhat daring assortment of colors, yellow and navy blue. The set seemed ...

Objets de Plaisir : our articles

Do you wish to learn more about a sexual pratice or a fetishism?

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur une pratique sexuelle ou sur un fétichisme ? With interviews ans testimonies, we try to explore the various aspect s of sexuality, from a benevolent point of view. We also share news related to the universe of sex and eroticsm. And with a lighter tone, we also dig out weird sex toys, unexpected erotic novels and WTF porn loufoques from all over the net in orde to show them to you

Adult games

HuniePop, dating simulator meet Hentai

On a rainy weekend, we decided to give HuniePop a try, a weird PC game that combines dating simulation and Candy Crush-style puzzles, all with a touch of hentai soft ...

Sex Toys News

Interview : Michael Wilson, love dolls designer and creator at RealDoll

The RealDoll brand ( Abyss Creations ) manufactures love dolls, high-end anatomically realistic dolls, which can serve as companions or sexual partners. RealDoll is also the creator of the RealCock 2, a strikingly ...

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