Narumi's Thicc Ass: an XXL masturbator with generous curves

Narumi’s Thicc Ass: an XXL masturbator with generous curves

by Lui

Narumi’s Thicc Ass masturbator lives up to its name. Indeed, it is an XXL realistic masturbator, representing the buttocks and hips of a young woman with generous curves.

Narumi’s Thicc Ass : un masturbateur XXL aux formes généreuses

Realistic Japanese-style masturbators (or ona holes) are sometimes criticized for having a tad too modest dimensions. Originally, the resemblance to a part of the female anatomy is intended to titillate the user’s erotic imagination. However, sex toys representing a nanoscopic ass or a tiny vagina often look more strange than sexually attractive to me.

Like hybrid mutant sex toys, it looks too much like a body part to ignore this characteristic, not enough to see the device as a sexual partner.

But Narumi is far from being a miniature ass: it is the bottom of a voluptuous woman, with wide hips and full buttocks, far from the skinny figure of the standard female manga character. Yet she is indeed the heroine of a short hentai comic book, which illustrates its packaging.

Le hentai mettant en scène Narumi

If you’re wondering if Narumi’s Thicc Ass really deserves its name, it’s because a simple photo might not pay enough homage to its imposing dimensions. Yes, the word “Thicc” is an adequate description of Narumi’s butt.

Here’s my review of Narumi’s Thicc Ass XXL masturbator.

Buy it from MotsuToys 

Packaging of the sex toy

Narumi arrived in a gigantic package. Inside, a cubic cardboard box, just as huge, but much less discreet. From its illustrations combining hentai drawings and visuals of the sextoy, one can easily guess what it contains. This is damn huge! And heavy!

Narumi’s Thicc Ass masturbator packaging
The packaging of Narumi’s Thicc Ass, and my phone for scale

A word of advice, if you buy it, don’t make the same mistake we did: don’t shred the package of the parcel. Later, you can use it to keep Narumi’s box away from curious eyes.

Eglantine’s opinion : I opened the door for the postman when Narumi arrived. Unable to lift the box, I had to push it to make it slide into the apartment entrance. And as I couldn’t handle it as I wanted to, tore up the package in order to be able to observe Narumi’s box.

Look of Narumi’s Thicc Ass : an XXL


Narumi is not what one could call a “pocket vagina”. Unlike “Ondo! Nupu”, or Fleshlight or Tenga sex toys, it’s not a simple hole in a tube. Indeed, it’s the entire buttocks of a sex doll. Its representation is truncated at the hips and at the legs. In short, of course it focuses on the butt, but in the broad sense, including beautiful plump buttocks and up to the navel.

Narumi's Thicc Ass : un masturbateur XXL

… And what a hell of a butt! Let’s get on well: it’s a “big” ass, but corresponding to current beauty standards. If a real person has inspired it as a model, they must have practiced squats to achieve this result. They are beautiful plump buttocks, but firm and very round. They are larger than the average buttocks, but above all, much larger than most sex toys of this type. In general, ass-shaped masturbators are the size of a tiny ass, when they are not downright miniatures.

Eglantine’s Note: I confirm, I expected Narumi’s butt to be a similar size to mine, but in fact, it’s much bigger than my own ass. That said, if Narumi were a person, her anatomy would be more comparable to Kim Kardashian’s than Maïté’s.

Texture and materials

Narumi’s Thicc Ass is made of elastomer, a somewhat loose term for all elastic polymer materials.

Narumi's Thicc ass

Its material is almost identical to that of a 100% regular Fleshlight, very soft, flexible and stretchy. However, under a layer of rather thick elastomer “skin”, it has a “core” made of a strange, rather hard material. But this is not a problem, because this material does not come into contact with the penis. This core serves as Narumi’s “skeleton”, and gives her weight and stability.

It smells like a Fleshlight, a rather unpleasant plastic scent, but not awful as long as you don’t stick your nose on them.

The elastomer the sex toy is made of non-toxic. However, a bit like with Fleshlight toys, this material has two big flaws: it is porous, therefore impossible to disinfect perfectly, and fragile. Indeed, Narumi seems to wear out quite quickly, its material disintegrates or tears easily.

Using Narumi’s Thicc Ass masturbator

Although, technically, the machine is comparable to a giant Fleshlight, the sensations are not the same at all.

Le Narumi's Thicc Ass, le Fleshlight Katsuni et la RealCock 2 DTF
Narumi’s Thicc Ass, le Fleshlight Katsuni and RealCock 2 Dirk

Sexual positions with Narumi’s Thicc Ass

Already, the way of using it is completely different. A Fleshlight, as realistic as can be its few vagina-like inches, is made for solo masturbation. But using Narumi’s ass feels much more like sex with a real person. Essentially, missionary or doggy style.

Personally, with Narumi, I much prefer doggy style, for immersion. Indeed, despite its huge dimension, Narumi still is a buttocks without torso, head or legs, and you have to use your imagination to complete the rest. And as far as imagination is concerned, the magic works better “from behind”. Why ? Quite simply because Narumi’s front side is cushioned with two soft pads, that act as the top of her “thighs”, which looks a little weird. That being said, even in missionary position, I find this sex toy far more “immersive” than all the Fleshlights in the world.

Le Narumi's Thicc Ass et la RealCock 2 DTF
Narumi’s Thicc Ass and RealCock 2 Rockwell

There are many possible interactions, it adds a new dimension compared to the use of an “ordinary” masturbator. One can be soft or rough, smack the buttocks or stroke them, grab the toy by the hips, etc. In short, it feels much more like sex with a real person from my point of view.

Is there any noticeable difference that this is a “big” ass? Sure, I find miniature asses a little weird. But compared to another normal size, but more slender ass? Well, in the heat of the moment it didn’t occur to me, and frankly I didn’t really notice a difference. Well, on a real person, it’s a bit the same, a few centimeters difference in buttocks diameter is never a decisive criterion that will make you find someone attractive or not .


Either its interior is particularly well made, or it is the realistic atmosphere that I described above (which seems most likely to me), but anyway, the sensations in the penis when using Narumi’s ass are quite good.

In particular, there is a noticeable difference between anal and vaginal insertion. Of course, the anus remains easier to penetrate than a human anus, because it is insensitive to pain and elastic. And on can also feel the difference between the vagina and the ass inside the orifices.

Anus et vagin du masturbateur Narumi's Thicc Ass

The least realistic aspect at this level is the vulva. Indeed, the entrance to the vagina of Narumi’s Thick Ass is a simple small round hole, leading to a kind of tunnel. Meanwhile, a real vagina has a wider and more progressive opening, a bit like a funnel. However, the vulva is rather well represented.

Basically, it’s a bit as if instead of having a gigantic glass entrance, a shopping mall had just a “fake” entrance, in trompe-l’oeil, with in reality just a small door in the corner of one of the large false glass doors.

It’s not that disturbing, but since I’m talking about realism, I needed to mention that the entrance of the vagina is not that realistic. Well, I’m criticizim, but I don’t think that one can find better elsewhere, and certainly not in more classic masturbators like Fleshlights.

Having a realistic XXL masturbator at home

Owning a realistic XXL masturbator is undeniably bulky, and involves many logistical constraints.

First, it’s heavy: 17 kilograms (37.5 lbs), the weight of two packs of six 1.5L bottles of soda in a one-piece ass to carry. And it’s big, one needs to stretch one’s arms to carry it.

masturbateur Narumi’s Thicc Ass

Honestly, we’re not going to beat around the bush, it’s easy to sum up: it’s tedious. Tedious to move, to take to the bathroom for cleaning, to lift, to store. In addition, the “Fleshlight” style elastomer tends to attract dust. Except that we’re talking about a huge ass, not just a 10 cm diameter cylindric object like an ordinary Fleshlight.

But this is 100% normal and expected in my opinion. I mean, you have to know what you want. And if you want a 17 kg (37.5 lbs) ass, you have a 17 kg ass. A priori, when you buy it, you have already thought about a place to store it.

And then, despite everything, it remains manageable. In short, for me, it’s a hassle, but that’s normal, no one has invented anti-gravity yet. So this is a simple observation, not a real flaw.

Cleaning it: the issue with drying

And there…. There it is. For me, this is the number 1 problem with the product. It’s so complex to clean

Narumi's Thicc Ass : un masturbateur XXL aux formes généreuses

Cleaning Narumi

Well … Actually, no. Cleaning it is pretty simple I think. One just has to manage to get a large amount of water inside eventually. Which is not that complicated.

To clean Narumi’s Thicc Ass, we used our sink, which has an “extendable” tap. But one can probably do it with many solutions: shower head, vaginal shower, sex toy cleaning shower (or “onahole shower”) as sold by MotsuToys, or even probably (large) syringe.

Onahole shower chez MotsuToys

Anyway, I found the cleaning itself relatively easy. Small downside, however, for the step that consists in carrying 17 kilograms (37.5 lbs) to the bathroom.

Le Narumi's Thicc Ass et la RealCock 2 DTF
Narumi’s Thicc Ass and RealCock 2 Rockwell

Drying Narumi’s Thicc Ass

On the other hand, once clean, this is the real problem: how to dry the interior?

Indeed, who wants to let old water get stagnant in a slightly porous material? Who wants to put their penis in an old bacteria tub? Not me. I’m generally not too much of a neat freak, but here, frankly, I see a problem.

So, MotsuToys sells drying sticks on its site, kinds of big giant “cotton swabs” towel version (and not cotton). The site advises to use these accessories for drying, or other towel-based stuff.

Vagin du masturbateur Narumi's Thicc Ass

I am not very convinced. Not by the giant towel swab, but by some method. I am convinced that all methods to dry the inside are necessarily laborious. Indeed, the interior doesn’t have any side access, it’s deep (which is nice to use, by the way). And in order to keep it in a suitable state of hygiene, it is necessary to wash and dry it well.

I don’t have the solution, I criticize without knowing what the miracle design choice would have been, but the fact remains that as it is, drying it is really not convenient.

Unless you’re ready to give up impeccable hygiene, and pretend to believe that as soos as you put enough soap, it does not matter if it stays a little wet. But hey, for my part, knowing that elastomer is porous, I have no desire to let a sex toy become a bacteria colony while continuing to use it.

An accessory to dry Narumi’s Thicc ass masturbator

I tried to improvise a 3D printed small accessory that would allow me to dry Narumi’s interior with a hair dryer in cool mode.

Sèche masturbateur

The idea is to insert the tube into one of Narumi’s orifices, to clip the hair dryer on its other end, and to send air, in cold mode so as not to melt anything, in order to dry the orifice.

It needs to be improved (in particular, the insertable tube is a little too big), but if you want to adapt it to make your own tool, here are the STL file as well as the STEP file.

Un accessoire pour sécher le masturbateur Narumi's Thicc ass

Conclusion on Narumi’s Thicc Ass masturbator


  • Narumi’s Thicc Ass feels much more realistic than a classic masturbator. To put it mildly, it’s a sex toy that you can fuck with, and not just masturbate with.
  • The sensations are great, and its inside is rather well designed.


  • Cleaning it, and especially drying it, is a true hassle.
  • In general, as a giant sex toy, it involves logistical constraints.

Masturbateur XXL Narumi's Thic ass

Review score

Narumi's Thicc Ass: an XXL masturbator with generous curves
7 / 10



Texture and materials






Best value for money principle



  • Feels much more realistic than an ordinary masturbator.
  • One can have sex with it somewhat like with a real person.
  • The sensations are great.


  • Drying it is very complicated.

In my opinion, the big downside of this sex toy is not its price. It costs around 380 euros, it’s expensive for sure, but for such a big toy and the experience it provides, it’s worth it. It’s not its weight either, nor the fact that its bulky. This is normal, or at least expected. The big downside is drying it after cleaning it.

Despite this practical flaw, Narumi’s Thicc Ass is an extremely nice masturbator to use, the sensations are pleasant, and it feels much more “realistic” than a “classic” masturbator (ie, a cylinder one penetrates with their penis). In short, one is more in the mood during the act, it simulates sex with a real person much better than a simple masturbation.

Narumi is the missing link between a Fleshlight and a sex doll. She won’t keep you company (I tried using it as a pillow, but she’s too firm to be comfortable enough), you won’t have a conversation with her, but you can easily practice a little bit of your Kamasutra with her.

Thanks to MotsuToys  for providing us with the Narumi's Thicc Ass for this review

If you want to observe Narumi from closer, and see the various stages of its unboxing, you can visit its photo gallery:

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