Sextoys en jelly

Material: Jelly

Jelly is a transluscent material, used in the making of low-cost sex toys. But even though jelly sex toys may look attractive at first glance, with their look of soft candy, they should be avoided.

Jelly sex toys : a toxic material

The composition of jelly varies according to the makers, but it’s plastic, with various compounds, often toxic, added to soften it.

Those additives are often phtalates, mineral oils, or any chemical product that the sex toy maker added to its recipe, but in any case, these molecules tend to migrate to the surface of the toy with time.

Moreover, some brands are not very straightforward about this, and tend to lie about the toxic composition.

Other inconvenience with jelly sex toys

First, jelly is a porous material. Bacteria may grow in the pores of a jelly sex toy, and disinfecting it perfectly is impossible.

Moreover, because of the various molecule that escape from the sex toy with time, its smell is usually pungent and unpleasant (it smells like plastic), and let’s not even talk about its taste.

At last, jelly sex toys tend to disintegrate progressively with time, and may even damage the sex toys they are stored with by melting on them.

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