Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is coming soon ! Instead of a box of chocolates or whatever heart shaped thing, what do you think about giving your significant other orgasms ? with a Sex Toy for Valentine’s Day, everyone win: Your lover will have a good time, and you will too.

That is, provided you choose carefully, because your beloved deserves the very best orgasm machine-thingy.

So: Which Sex Toy to offer for Valentine’s Day ?

sextoy Saint-Valentin

Here is a selection of sex toys that may give you some ideas for a sexy gift. Erotic, yes, but also effective and high-quality.

Luxury sextoys, for your spoiled sweetheart

The Sona Cruise by Lelo: a formidable clitoral vibrator

The Sona Cruise by Lelo is a small revolutionary sextoy that send sonic pulses targeted on the clitoris, thus reaching orgasm before you could say clit !

Lelo Sona Cruise

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The Pure Wand by Njoy : the G-Spot magic wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is the reference when it comes to g-spot orgasms. Its shape and weight allow a pendulum movement especially effective to stimulate that area just inches above the vagina entrance.

Njoy Pure Wand

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Lelo Mona 2 : The ultimate point G vibrator to own

The Lelo Mona 2 is a powerful vibrator, designed for G-spot stimulation. It’s a classic, but no sextoy of the same type has managed to match it so far. Not even his successor, the Mona Wave.

Lelo Mona 2

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The Njoy Pure Plug : an extremely confortable butt plug

The Njoy Pure Plug is a small stainless steel butt plug, thus unbreakable. Its shape allows it to stay precisely between the buttocks, without causing the slightest discomfort. In short: a super comfortable butt plug, whether it is to carry on short or long periods.

Pure Plug Njoy

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Vixen Creations dildo: A surprisingly realistic texture

The realistic dildos from Vixen Creations have an awesome texture, really convincing thanks to its double density. And we are miles away from realistic old-fashioned dildos, toxic and stinking cheap plastic. Indeed, the material they’re made of, the VixSkin, contains only silicone.

Bellow is a picture of : the Mustang, his counterpart with balls the Goodfella, and the Johnny.

Trois godes Sextoys Vixen Creations : le Mustang, le Goodfella et le Johnny de Vixen Creations

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The Manta by Fun Factory : vibrations for your cock

The Fun Factory Manta is another kind of male masturbator. It does not just move back and forth like a classic masturbator, but stimulates the penis through vibration. A well-designed sextoy for men, who makes you discover new sensations.

Fun Factory Manta

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A Unicorn who is not kidding

The Tokidoki x Lovehoney unicorn vibrator has the ultra-powerful vibes of Hitachi’s famous Magic Wand, but with a kawaii look. Cute and Powerful at the same time. Like a Unicorn.

Vibro licorne

Buy it from Lovehoney 

Sex toys at a low price

The Mantric: a rechargeable magic wand vibrator

Lovehoney’s Mantric is a small, waterproof, well-made and powerful wand vibrator (more powerful than Lelo’s Smart Wand Medium, which it visually resemble a lot). All at a reasonable price: less than 70 euros.

Vibro baguette magique Mantric

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Goliate’s MyPleasure: a G-spot vibrator

In the budget sex toys category, the Goliate MyPleasure probably smashes all the records in terms of value for money. Although it costs less than thirty euros, it has almost no flaws. It is effective, but also looks good, with a nice box and a small case.

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The Desire: a steel G-point dildo

Lovehoney’s Desire beaded dildo has a lot in common with the Pure Wand, which I told you about at the beginning of this article. Also made of stainless steel, it is a little shorter, but its curvature is sufficient for an effective G-spot stimulation. And it only costs about forty euros.

gode perlé Desire Lovehoney

Thanks to Lovehoney  for providing us with the gode perlé Desire for this review

Conclusion : What sextoy to offer for Valentine’s Day?

Offer a sextoy for Valentine’s Day, is it always a good idea?

If your lover does not have one yet, it is better to approach the subject before. The goal is not to end up on a “good, now that I bought this giant triple butt plug / this inflatable doll with the image of Donald Trump, let’s not waste it and use it, right ?”.

But if your beloved shows interest in the subject, do not hesitate: it last longer than chocolates or roses. And depending on the sextoy you choose, it does not necessarily cost more.

And if your budget does not allow you to buy a sextoy to your true love, it’s the thought that counts. You can always offer a hot night to your partner.

Compulsive sextoy collector, picky reviewer and rookie exhibitionist.

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