Star Wars sex toys: the Death Star gag ball

Star Wars sex toys: the Darth Vader vibrator and the Yoda ball gag


A new Star Wars episode means a new batch of not approved by Disney Star Wars inspired toys. Star Wars sex toys, about which I wrote an article some time ago, are now (almost) commonplace.

Les sextoys Star Wars : le vibro Dark Vador

Pioneers in the field, Geeky Sex Toys have completely let go, expanding their range of pleasure objects inspired by the Force: Jedi dildos or vibrators of the dark side, nothing has escaped them (or almost .. Jar Jar Binks still arouses no one).

Even Han Solo, uncomfortably installed in his pile of carbonites, has his own masturbator. And they are not the only creators of erotic toys to have once again found their inspiration in the Star Wars saga …

Are you ready for an intergalactic trip among Star Wars sex toys? (I never thought I would write such a sentence one day).

The Death Star ball gag, a new Star Wars sex toy

With the Space Station Ball Gag, the Death Star no longer destroys planets, but it nevertheless manages to silence rebels.

Les sextoys Star Wars : le bâillon étoile noire

Han Solo stuck in carbonite masturbator

Small quiz: What do you do if you see the hero of a famous space saga frozen in a massive block?

  • Answer A : “I defrost him and we rush to destroy the Death Star”.
  • Answer B : “I think I have an erection”.

If you answered “B” without hesitation, the Hand Solo masturbator is for you.

masturbateur Han Solo dans les carbonites
Hand Solo masturbator

Yoda penis dildo

Yoda may be 900 years old, his penis is in great shape, at least if we judge by the look of the Dildoda, a greenish dildo in his image.


sextoys Star Wars : gode pénis de Yoda

The lightsaber whip: a classic among Star Wars sex toys

This isn’t the first lightsaber whip (that title probably goes to the one created by Geek Kink), but the Geeky Sex Toys’ version is also cool.

fouet sabre laser

Darth Vader and stormtroopers vibrators

Who wears a helmet and vibrates strongly on your clit? There are several answers: the Darth Vibrator or the Vibe Trooper, depending on whether you prefer to have fun with Darth Vader or with one of his soldiers.

Unfortunately for the fans (let’s admit you were about to buy one immediately), these two vibrators are out of stock.

sextoys Star Wars : Darth Vibrator Vibe Trooper

R2-D2 vibrator : the cutest of Star Wars sex toys

I already told you about R2-V2, a powerful wand vibrator inspired by R2-D2. Well, it has gained a level in terms of resemblance with the little robot.

sextoys Star Wars : vibro R2-D2

A 3D printed lightsaber dildo

I already showed you several lightsaber dildos in my previous article about Star Wars sex toys.

This 3D printed variant, created NerdClimax, has an unusual appearance to say the least.

gode sabre laser imprimé en 3D
A lightsaber dildo, by NerdClimax

The BDSM lightsaber cane

At KinkGeek, on Etsy, spanking is practiced with a lightsaber cane (ouch…).

canne BDSM sabre laser

A Death Star butt plug

At The Kink Factory, the Death Star fits comfortably between your buttocks and becomes a cute butt plug.

Plug anal étoile noire
The Kink Factory’s Death Star butt plug

To see more Star Wars sex toys, including a C-3PO but plug, read this other post.
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