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Review: SpareParts Joque, a comfortable harness


We have contacted the brand SpareParts HardWear, which kindly agreed to provide us the Joque Harness in order for us to review it.

Le harnais SpareParts Joque

SpareParts HardWear is a company that creates only harnesses (for men and women) and underwears used to wear a “packer” (some sort of prosthetic penis used to create a bulge in one’s pant -imagine a flaccid realistic dildo- worn trough the day, which requires from the cloth some comfort).

This led me to hope for a good quality for the accessory.

I discovered this company while reading some very enthusiastic reviews about it.

So, let’s see if the Joque harness is up to its reputation.

Before Shipping

Choosing the size

A good point, quite rare when it come to erotic accessories: The Joque is available in two sizes: A or B. With accurate instructions on how to measure in order to choose the size that fit you best

courroie ajustable du harnais Joque de SpareParts


Those sizes are extremely adjustable, thanks to the belt elasticity, and to the adjustable straps found around thighs and the hips. Those straps are also stretchable, then allowing to be perfectly adjusted.

With a waist (measured around the hips, at the belt level) varying from 20” to 50” for the size A and from 35” to 65” for the size B, the harness fits to most people’s sizes. That alone is enough to make a big difference compared to many other brands harness, often available in only one size without any further indications.

It is important to choose the right size, and avoid choosing something oversized. Indeed, to be well adjusted, a harness has to be closely fitting, in order to correctly control the moves of whatever it contains.


Choosing the harness

The Joque harness exists in various colors: black, white, violet, pink and blue-red.

The paired sextoy isn’t provided with it, you will have to buy one separately, choosing a dildo whom base is flat enough; or a Feeldoe.

Delivery of the harness

Packaging and storage

SpareParts sent us the harness by Fedex in a small parcel for our review, so, we did not received the box but only its label. You can see pics of the box (that seems quite nice) here.

But the Joque harness also have a very handy storage bag, made of flexible fabric, which can be closed with a cord.


Trying the SpareParts Joque on

As soon as we finished to take unpacking photos, I immediately rushed to try it. I was a bit afraid of having underestimated the size of my thighs choosing the size A.

L'anneau du harnais Joque

Not at all. In fact, my thighs can begin to get fatter or skinnier without disturbing the Joque. There is some room, in both directions.

The length of the belt is adjustable using the velcro which allows to close it, and ties under the buttocks are adjustable using elastic straps.

l'intérieur du harnais Joque de SpareParts


On the front side, the Joque has an elastic ring, that allows maintaining a sextoy. When no sextoy is put through this ring, a piece of fabric masks the hole, it avoids to have a piece of pussy exposed.

The dildo is mounted on the harness before tightening the belt.

The sextoy you will attach to the harness must have a rather flat base, larger than the “penis” part. This base remains inside the Joque, while the “penis” crosses the ring, to get out outside of harness.


Once the dldo is correctly attached in the ring, we can tighten the belt with the velcro, by folding it on itself on the two sides.

Then, we adjust the elastic straps, under the buttocks and on sides, so that the harness is adjusted perfectly, very closely fitting without being too tight.


Wearing the harness

The Joque is comfortable. Very comfortable. You feel like you were wearing a sports underpant, a little bit more close to the body (but not too tight) around the waist. Magic of elasticity.

And, more important, it allows you to handle the attached penis like if it was indeed attached to your body, waggle and bouncing.

(Yes, I had quite a long time trying to run and hop with my harness and my “penis” admiring its responsivity).

Compared to other harnesses

We have two other harnesses, more common, which start to become a little old, the Briana, from the brand Vivid (a sub-brand of Doc Johnson), and a cheap strap-on from the brand Horizons.

With both of them, a sextoy was included:

  • a jelly dildo for the Briana,
  • unknown material (but one that became yellow with the passage of time) for the other one.

Those two harnesses have non-elastic straps.For the Briana, it’s PVC. For the other one, the straps are quite similar to backpack straps, closing clips included.



The main concern we had with those two previous harness was the cock latency.

I’ll explain myself: if you suddenly equip yourself with a hard fake cock, chances are that the goal is not to stand quietly still, waiting  for the time to pass. You plan to do things with it.

The straps

Except that when the straps maintaining everything in place are stiff (which is the case for the Briana, the Horizons and many other harnesses), as the distance between the hip and the thigh changes according to your posture, you have to choose between: being too tight when you bend your leg, or having the straps dangling down when you stretch.

And because when it’s too tight, it’s not that graceful and you take risks of breaking the harness, you go for the slack mode. Even if it’s not always noticeable at first sight,it is noticed by the person who wears the harness. When you move, you first move the belt, before conveying this move to the sextoy.

The sensation is not realistic, and above all, its very approximate, at the expense of the partner.

With the Joque, the dildo has no latency.

Le harnais SpareParts Joque, avec un gode

It moves exactly at the same time as you do, and you sense its motions, as its base is against your pubis. When you jump, it jumps, when you move forwards, it moves forwards, when you move backwards, it moves backwards. You tame it, you feel at ease with it, it becomes your penis.

(The sex toy you can see with the Joque on the picture above is the dildo that was provided with the Horizons harness. You may have already seen it on other pics on this blog. It is not very pretty, but we are a little short on dildos with a flat base.)

Even with a sex toy that is not intended to be put onto a harness (the Fleshjack Boys Jason Visconti Dick dildo, which base is a little too thick for this use), everything stays in place very well and remains amazingly easy to handle.




The Briana, equipped with the Vac-U-Lock fixation system, has some kind of rectangular plastic panel, flat and rigid, which is fixed in front of the pubis, on the inner side.
A rod sticks out of this panel and it is on this rod that the dildo is attached, with talc if you don’t want to damage it. The plastic rectangle is uncomfortable (and I don’t even mention the plastic straps across the buttocks), and you don’t look very classy when you put it on, as you announce “wait a minute, please, I’m putting talc on my cock”.

For the Horizons, no plastic square, but you pinches your buttocks with the clasp.

With the Joque, you feel at ease. Really at ease. The Joque is amazingly comfortable (I know, I already said that). You simply just wear a soft elastic well-fitted underwear, that can be adjusted just as it should, without tugging. It is easy and quick to put on, and you can wear it in advance, even under clothes, without being disturbed.



One of the four studs that allows to maintain the fastening system of the Briana failed after only a few weeks. It was still usable, but a broken erotic accessory, that’s a bit less glamour.

While about the Joque, for the moment we can’t have any opinion about the long-term. It doesn’t seem to have any particular weak point, everything seems strongly assembled.

I think that in spite of that, one should still be careful to preserve the elasticity of all its components, and especially avoid over-stretching the fabric and the ring. So, don’t forget to remove the sextoy from the harness when you’re not using it.

The Joque can be hand-washed or machine-washed (preferably in a wash bag). To dry it, you can either use a clothes dryer at low temperature, or just lay it flat.



No need to develop too much about that.

Briana : neon-blue plastic. If Barbie had a strap-on, it would be that one.

Horizon : silver, looking like aluminium foil. Perfect to thwart a government conspiracy that intend to let E.T.s read your thoughts. Also good to be well accepted in a disco night.

The Joque : it looks like a normal underwear, well-made, that fits to the shape of your body, no matter what your body looks like. No flashy details, and much choice as regards the color (black, white, violet, pink, blue, red).

Conclusion about the SpareParts Joque harness

We liked:

  • It is nice, simple and elegant
  • It is convenient, easy to put on, to adjust and to clean.
  • It is amazingly comfortable and easy to handle

We didn’t like:

  • It makes you want to run and hop in all directions, just for the pleasure to watch the reactions of the penis you tame thanks to the Joque.
  • More seriously, I can’t really find it any bad points. Except its price, that is a bit high (but no more than fashion underwear, for a high quality product)


I expected a good harness. I have not been deceived. I was surprised to notice that the Joque easily exceeded my expectations.

Review score

harnais en tissu
9 .8 / 10












  • Clean and elegant look
  • Very comfy and convenient
  • Adjustable: there's room to adjust to your size
  • Compatible with most flat base dildos
  • Excellent quality


  • A bit expensive

How to get one ?

Spareparts Hardwear does not sell its product directly to the customers. But there are many retailers who sell the Joque. They are listed on this page.


Harnais Joque de SpareParts Hardwear


Compulsive sextoy collector, picky reviewer and rookie exhibitionist.

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